All orders are dispatched the same day if ordered before 3pm GMT. Adding baobab to your diet may benefit blood sugar control. These minerals offer support to maintain our structural systems such as muscle and bone health. It has been treasured for centuries in Africa thanks to its brilliant health benefits. … You’ll feel alert and alive again in no time with energising Vitamin C and iron in our Baobab. Regular price See, Supports immunity, digestion, and healthy skin. Antioxidants are crucial for health as they help repair and/or prevent damage to your cells induced by free radicals. Lately Ive begun adding it with dessert at night on top of frozen yogurt with almonds. It tastes sherbet-y, tangy and slightly citrus-y ! Acts as a Body building/ Fitness Supplement Rich in Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B4, B6 & C Rich in Minerals like Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Manganese & Zinc Acts as a Prebiotic and is High in fibre (Soluble and Insoluble). I've gone from not being able to complete a one hour cycling class to completing the cycling class and doing weight training after! This tasty ingredient packs a major nutritional punch and works in a variety of applications. It is commonly used as a source of water and food. ✹ FREE SHIPPING IN THE UK OVER £40 ✹ SAME WORKING DAY DISPATCH ✹ 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE SHOP NOW ▸. Certified Organic Baobab Powder (Adansonia Digitata) Our organic Baobab Powder is derived from the fruit of the Baobab Tree. Baobab is a very high source of dietary fibre, and an excellent source of vitamin C. Also great to add to smoothies. 100% organic No added sugar No additives Baobab "The Tree of Life" Baobab is the superfruit of Africa's 'Tree of Life'. If you’re feeling dehydration headaches and your energy is wilting, add Organic Burst Baobab to your water bottle for great taste, hydration, plus magnesium to support your electrolyte balance. Have you heard of Baobab the Queen of the Superfruits? Organic Traditions Baobab Fruit Powder Baobab has long been revered by indigenous cultures of Madagascar and Africa. I use the fruit powder almost daily in my morning smoothie. An excellent source of bioavailable vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber. Healthy and delicious! I’ve shared this powder with me family (makes a great gift) and they love it too! As part of your wellness ritual, mix a heaping tablespoon into your smoothie, juice, yogurt, oatmeal, sauces, and much more. Mix this RAW powder into a smoothie, juice, or food to benefit from a myriad of amazing health properties. Organic Burst Baobab comes from organic reserves where our harvesters are paid a premium wage. Baobab powder is a rich source of vitamin C, which contributes to normal: One of the key benefits of vitamin C is that it helps to keep our immune system strong, supporting our bodys defence against infections, diseases and other illnesses. I need energy fast!. It may also help in reducing blood pressure, stimulating growth and repair, and lowering the risk of chronic disease. It has a slightly sweet, citrusy, flavour that adds a refreshing zing to water, juices and even savoury recipes. Our Baobab Powder is organic and raw, preserving its impressive nutritional profile. Get FREE Shipping world wide on orders over £40. We have loads of delicious free Baobab recipes for you to get adventurous with! The insoluble fibers are not absorbed by the intestine and are useful for relieving constipation and to create a feeling of satiety. I love this product both in the way it tastes and how it makes me feel. * The only fruit in the world that dries on the branch, we simply crack open the hard shell and sieve the pulp to create a natural fruit powder that is rich in fibre and vitamin C. * Vitamin C is an important nutrient to be included in a healthy diet. . Foods rich in vitamin C are a cornerstone of the anti-wrinkle … Organic Baobab Powder. With Organic Burst you can be sure that these stunning trees are never over-harvested and their entire ecosystem is protected. Baobab fruit pulp powder provides soluble and insoluble fibers, with an amount of about 50 grams/100 grams of powder. We’ve made feeling and looking amazing an easy choice for you! Organicule’s Baobab powder is minimally processed so it retains all its nutritional qualities making Organicule Baobab one of the best powder to use in your favourite smoothie or dessert. Organic Baobab Powder. Plus Organic Baobab’s natural Vitamin C is non-acidifying, unlike synthetic Vitamin C. Do you forget to drink enough water? Hooray! We know what youre thinking... slow? Termed as the fruit of Africa’s ‘Tree of Life’, it is one of its kind since it is the only one that has the ability to dry naturally on the tree branch while still remaining useful.