The students in one social studies class were asked how many brothers and sisters (siblings) they each have. Quiz: Dot Plot Use the dot plot below displaying the scores on a 10‐point quiz for 18 students in a class for questions 1 through 3. Next Quiz Introduction to Graphic Displays. Answer questions 1 through ? It provides 4 different dot plots with various analysis questions for each data set. Previous Introduction to Graphic Displays. Frequently asked questions about FMCSA regulations, DOT medical certificate requirements, and the DOT physical exam. Make a Line Plot: Pennies. To create a dot plot, simply list your labels or categories. Trying to show your students the various ways to analyze and describe data from dot plots? a. Introduction to Dot Plots There are two types of data we will be looking at Categorical Data - places someone or something into several groups or categories. Trucker Docs answers commercial driver questions about medical conditions - blood pressure, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, medications, drugs, and much more. c. Which teacher has the most flowers? . Answer the questions using the plot/graph. Part I Questions Ms. Wright's Algebra class consists of 28 students who recently took a 20 point quiz on factoring. The Dot Plots worksheet, along with actual SQA Exam Questions, are highly recommended. For example: favorite color, job titles, names of students, etc. Exercises 1–9 1. Data Graphs (Bar, Line, Dot, Pie, Histogram) Make a Bar Graph, Line Graph, Pie Chart, Dot Plot or Histogram, then Print or Save it. ... Bar Graphs Line Graphs Pie Charts Dot Plots Histograms How to Do a Survey Survey Questions Showing the Results of a Survey Interactive Cartesian Coordinates. 1. The dot plot in Figure 1 shows the revenues of the top 60 companies from the Fortune 1000 list. If you would like more help understanding N5 Maths Statistics there are clear, easy to follow, step-by-step worked solutions to dozens of N5 Maths Past & Practice exam questions on all topics in the Online Study Pack. Problem 1 : Describe the spread, center, and shape of the dot plot given below. 1. The distribution of scores is shown on the dot plot above. Each dot represents 5 flowers. Figure 2 shows these same revenues using a bar chart. He continued to place dots above the numbers until each number was represented by a dot. Name _____ Dot Plot Worksheet 1. based on this graph. Jeremy's grandfather gave him a dozen wheat pennies. Complete Robert’s dot plot by placing a dot above the number on the number line for each number of hours slept. Make a line plot to show the dates on the pennies. (1) 8% (3) 29% This practice worksheet would be great as a homework or practice assignment. If there is already a dot above a number, then add another dot above the dot … A dot plot is a visual representation of data using intervals or categories of variables; the dots represent an observation in the data. d. Directions: Answer the following questions based on each of the dot plots. 3rd and 4th Grades. … Which of the following is closest to the percent of students who scored less than a 16 on the quiz? Most readers would have little problem understanding either the dot plot or the bar chart. The dot plot below shows the number of flowers in each teacher’s garden. How many total flowers are there? Grade 3 and up. b. Note that the dot plot is … Which teacher has the least number of flowers? View PDF. Quantitative Data - measures numerical values. This line plot (dot plot) shows ages of chess club members.
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