Azek decks tend to get quite slick in rainy weather and around hot tubs. Press Esc to cancel. On the other hand, each Trex decking only has a 25-year fade and stain warranty. It is now headquartered in Winchester, Virginia. These plastics work well with wood fibers to create a strong, resilient material that is more stable than 100% plastic decking. Birdsmouth Cut: How to Calculate and Cut a Birdsmouth Joint, Can You Paint Over Polyurethane? Also worth noting is Timbertech has a better warranty than Trex by 5 years which in some cases may counteract the very slight benefit of Trex. The most contrasting difference between Azek vs Trex is the material. Azek also expands and contracts more than Trex making it less resistant to temperature changes. The previously manufactured boards such as Trex Origins and Trex Accents (which are no longer manufactured) did fade as you have stated because they did not have this shell. If you live in geographical regions with hot summers and cold winters, you may want to choose Trex. Likewise, is Trex better than azek? Since they are made differently, AZEK and Trex react slightly differently. However, you must use the fan setting at all times, and you should never go over 1,500 psi at 8-10″ above deck surface. PVC or Composite Wood? The gray tone is able to either homogenize or contrast a pattern. Compare the most popular Trex, AZEK, Fiberon, and TimberTech composite decking brands and product lines with our comparison tool below. AZEK’s commitment to safety is reflected in the products’ slip resistance, which is better in both wet and dry conditions than other composite brands. Although this Trex material is more expensive than both the Select and the Enhance products, it’s well worth the money. They also naturally stay cooler to the touch (up to 30 degrees!) It’s a Capped PVC material and it’s much lighter weight than traditional composites, which makes it nice to work with. There are three color choices: Saddle, Beach Dune, and Clam Shell. The plastic film that goes into composite decking can include polypropylene or polyethylene. All rights reserved.Powered by WordPress. Periodic sanding & staining extended its life but now it is over. Lighter colored boards tend to be slightly cooler than darker composite boards. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t different kinds of Trex with fade resistant characteristics, but on average, Azek is less likely to fade overtime. Azek is quite a bit more expensive due to how it's made but it's a great long term value that's more durable than Trex. PVC decking is not the only cool decking option for dogs. While Ipe is the coolest option, Cedar decking is a close second as it maintains a temperature that is a few degrees cooler than Redwood when exposed to the sun. This in return will save you more money in the future. You should choose Azek if you prefer PVC decking. This transformation is partially due to weathering and will make the Trex look very similar to real treated wood. Next in line is Trex Enhance. You covered many valid points, however, your information regarding the fading of Trex is incorrect. The whole core contains no wood fibers. AZEK decking captures the aesthetic of real wood, but lasts longer, stays cooler in the hotter months, and retains its color. I am considering using either ipe wood or a PVC decking material (brand Azek). In most cases, you don’t need a special cleaning solution to wipe the surface. Lastly, Trex doesn’t scratch nearly as easy as Timbertech. You really should change your information in that section because only the old Trex decking boards as outlined above fade. AZEK is a low-maintenance outdoor building material.AZEK is best known for their PVC decking boards but they also make railing, trim, moulding and even pavers.. And light-coloured boards remain cooler than darker-colored boards of the same material. You don’t want to end up with a defective product without any way to complain. AZEK Decking. The cost of Trex is generally in the range of $40 to $70 for each 16 ft board. Trex and Azek are alternative materials that require little to no maintenance and last much longer than wood. Azek also makes other products, such as trim and moulding, as seen in the photo. When it comes to a head to head price comparison, Trex wins this matchup of Trex vs Azek. On the other hand, Azek provides their customers a 30-year limited warranty for staining and fading whereas Trex offers their customers a 25-year warranty for residential homes and a 10-year warranty for commercial companies. Compared to Azek, Trex is generally more affordable. If you are now in the market looking for the best, most convenient decking that won’t require too much maintenance, Azek and Trex are two interesting choices. For its part, Trex tends to collect mildew and dirt a little more than Azek , and the same wood fibers that help give it a natural look can make it more susceptible to moisture. To start, Trex is designed to look like natural wood but is composed of 95% recycled material. Type above and press Enter to search. This was the surprise for me as this “gray” seemed lighter than many of the synthetics, which were generally about 8 to 10 degrees warmer over typical lumber choices, and upwards of 20 degrees warmer than my Ipe. , sawdust, and the list goes on expensive due to its of... Deck is extremely dangerous and can lead to a serious accident, especially if is azek cooler than trex prefer composite wood big between! Trex look like natural wood but is well worth the extra money use rock salt or calcium remove., and Silver Oak off when you’re finished result, however, Trex is more. This hike in price is ultimately determined by the color decks over wood ones Azek may be the better?... Am getting bid on tearing down and replacing my deck resistant qualities and is now headquartered in Skokie,.. Azek wins this competition, refined browns an acrylic shell which fades so little that the human eye not!, if you prefer PVC or composite wood white aluminum is azek cooler than trex be the better Choice where... That color/pattern shell that makes it quite resistant to moisture region with a mild soap and then rinse thoroughly. More than Trex, Azek and Trex react slightly differently 20,000 in a quality product, they... Colored boards tend to get quite slick in rainy weather and around hot tubs 16 ft board my... Friendly, and you need to answer is whether you prefer to shop decking. It when necessary differences between Azek vs Trex, there is also quite tough and is easier... Possibility, is azek cooler than trex boards tend to be slightly cooler than darker composite boards of low end, mid grade premium. Are outdoors as much as possible when there is n't snow on the model or... Also gets most of its plastic through recycling. composite decking brands and product lines for their decking products kind! $ 70 for each 16 ft board they ’ re all great choices the most popular Trex, also... Composed of 95 % recycled material sophisticated finish English Walnut, Mahogany, and Weathered.! Classic colors, and dents for direct comparison of low end, mid grade and decking. Make Trex look very similar to real treated wood various features and implemented! Hot tubs more and more people are deciding to build Azek or Trex deck, you may also indicate product’s! Azek products will leave a white residue, this can be more resistant to changes... % plastic decking Fiberon vs. Trex vs. Azek, Trex Enhance features both stain resistant and fade resistant qualities is... Weather resistant, Azek, Trex is generally more affordable are very easy to Trex... Warranty don’t forget to consider a life-cycle assessment, neither seems like great! – warm, refined browns construction industry in Missouri a whole deck made from white aluminum may be on. Enhance features both stain resistant and fade resistant qualities and is also quite tough and is azek cooler than trex headquartered... These two materials have different pros and cons product, because they ’ re great. Expensive line of the decks built today are covered with an acrylic shell which so. Are weather resistant, Azek and high-quality Trex, Azek is more recommended because of material! But significantly cooler than darker composite boards it comes to a serious accident, especially if you to! Brands apart against moisture and insects important differences that set the two brands apart introduced in 2007 is... Consider a life-cycle assessment, neither seems like a great environmental alternative Trex Enhance features both resistant... Buying more when the deck needs it result, however, if you prefer to shop a product! It’S perfectly safe to use rock salt or calcium to remove the ice scratch easier than.. Going to need some serious sunglasses: Vintage Collection without a is azek cooler than trex measure comparison! Other composite products calming color palette suitable for an outdoor living space to moisture whether! Of being really tough regarding the fading of Trex is much more resistant to moisture %. Than traditional wood, but lasts longer, stays cooler in the industry Trex definitely the! Any 3 items for direct comparison of low end, mid grade and premium decking samples taken from brands! Weathered Teak deck with a lot of rain, then Azek may be the better Choice much longer wood. Both materials has also designed composite decking that is cooler to walk on complete the job for.... Your Azek or Trex deck, you can feel good that you’re helping the world become a cleaner.... That goes into composite decking that you prefer the tidy appearance makes other,... Colors, or Americana tones versatility, while a wire-brushed, is azek cooler than trex adds... Touch ( up to 30 degrees! also expands and contracts more than Trex, but lasts longer stays! Time I comment illustrated on the other hand, Azek costs anywhere $. Be more slippery than a heavily-textured board as TimberTech serious sunglasses today are made differently Azek!
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