The more detail and information you provide in your question the easier it is for others to help you. I suspect your car is overheating and going into limp mode without you even knowing it. Place a catch pan underneath the level plug to catch gearbox oil. Automatic Gearbox Fault Affecting all Peugeot models with AL4 gearbox Modified electro valve required which will also need re-programming (which we can do). I bought a Peugeot 307 1.6 petrol, auto, 52 reg ( October 2002 ) recently. (Add your answer here. I have the same problem(307cc only 20,000 miles done) 'automatic gearbox fault' flashes up same(with in 200 yards) every day, to date i have put car into peugeot dealers Hadfield rd+Colchester ave., cardiff, 3 times told, 'codes deleted should be ok'=£90,then 3 ABS sensors needed replacing £377 then a valve in gearbox needs replacing,but cannot guarantee this will solve the problem they said 'recommend a new gearbox £2500+vat' seems to me they have no idea whats actually causing this fault,and theres a design fault in these gearboxes(that Peugeot wont admit) they should be recalled. Peugeot 307 automatic, when driving the faulty gearbox warning symbol comes on and speed reduces to 50 mph. Yes I have been getting some of the same problems eg. GEARBOX PEUGEOT 307 MK1 (Ph2) 2001 TO 2008 1997 DIESEL 6 Speed MANUAL & WARRANTY. repairs can be dangerous. Experiencing Automatic Gear fault Peugeot 307 Auto and the can would stop changing gear at times it will go on normal after giving that fault or they will be a rough sound on gears especially when driving on sloppy road. If, however, the noise comes and go then the fault is within the gearbox. This is a common problem and is repairable. Buy Peugeot Gearboxes & Gearbox Parts for Peugeot 307 CC and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! professional. Welcome to PartsGateway. costs nothing to use and you can ask a question without an account or logging in. Reconditioned gearbox for the citroen / peugeot models with the ma type gearbox . Peugeot Gearboxes. Since then the Automatic gear fault message came on for the next 3 days with a whiplashing thump at about 90klms. This is a world wide problem. Depollution filter 3GP Mp4 HD 720p Download Citroen C5 cold start Depollution system faulty: pin. I took it Peugeot garage and after running diagnostic they said it will take 2-2.5k to replace gearbox and clutch. 2003 Peugeot 307 307 sw Transmission problem (automatic gear fault - AutoInsider Problems and Fixes Peugeot 307 1.6 gearbox. Thanks so much for the life saving tip.FrankieNov 2020. Same problem after 600km ! » Arkisto » Arkisto - Aiemmat mallit » Arkisto - 307 » 307 - Automatic gearbox fault (AL4) (modulaatioventtiili) « edellinen seuraava » Tulostusversio; Sivuja: [1] Kirjoittaja Aihe: 307 - Automatic gearbox fault (AL4) (modulaatioventtiili) (Luettu 16556 kertaa) 0 jäsentä ja 1 Vieras katselee tätä aihetta. Peugeot 207 automatic - displays faulty gear box and sport and ice icons flashing. When you get "Automatic Gear Fault" it means that two solenoids relating to the gears need to change. because the related cooling sensors and fuses are not overly reliable. Peugeot 307 2 GEARBOX 20DL48 … initially there was problem with temprature level going above 90degrees after that alternator failed cost me $500 to replace now coming up with automatic gear fault , when i took it to one of the auto electric shop they tested it on their computer and said fluid temprature sensors need to be replaced , som people call it solenoid valve some call it electro valve , i cant get the proper code any where to buy it online to save some money .. this car is costing me alot of money never had any problem with my other cars . Free postage. Peugeot 307 1.6 hdi gearbox 57 in very good condition if not perfect. Hi I have a Peugeot 207 1.4 (2009) 72,000 Km. my 307 gearbox failed last week. Click & Collect. They reccomended going to a specialist gearbox outfit to see if they could help. Peugeot 307 Cars & Trucks My peugeot 307 is having problems with its auto transmission,petrol, year 2006, model S. 37,000 miles. Peugeot 307 SW (2005) - pictures, information & specs: pin. Free postage. I like the car, economical, suave & easy to park. … Relevance. 2003 Peugeot 307 307 sw It's a 51 reg 1.6 5dr GLX .. only done 42K. Attempting We can source and supply Discounted Car Peugeot 307 Gearbox Parts & Gearbox Spares to you, no matter where you live. Hello,I have the same problems with my Peugeot 307,they changed valves,bands,oil,but the problem still remains.Of course,no answer from Peugeot.Did anyone try to contact them for a global recall?Im sure you will lough...the saga will continue,Iam sure. Code: 2574.16 !!! Based on my experience of many faults with this car in the short time I've had it, not just the gearbox, I can only hope the French car industry goes the same way as the British - 'belly up'. Other users of provide the answers. I also have a Peugeot 307 SX 1.6 Automatic 2005. In many instances work should only be undertaken by a qualified Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items £125.00. FULL RETURN. Back in dealers for the second time this month. peugeot 207cc auto gearbox . The warning signal happened when the car was running up slip roads (20-30 degree). I Email Peugeot about the problems of the automatic transmissions and I still have now answer from them ! Click & Collect. I'm really upset as I just bought this 2nd hand car about 2 months ago and it only had 19K miles on the clock. Then you have only the 3gear to drive until you make a reset ! That person will then look to sell it to those who cannot afford to buy a new car. Unless the car was a lemon in the first place, the peugeot is not a crap car otherwise it would have not been once voted European car of the year. it is happens in both when i start the Engine and while driving, but not all the times. If there is a match with other car makes and car models, these will also be shown in the overview. This is one of the known faults in the 307, so ensure that the pedals are complete and not third-party replacements as this could affect the operation when you are out on the open road. 2.Oil pressure problem caused by oil seepage in the gearbox (Selonoid valve) 3. Look folks, peugeot have had great problems with their auto boxes on most models. : 307 'Gearbox faulty' warning in Peugeot 307.? Thanks for those who gave a detailed accounts on here it really assisted me. I put Sam transmax x in the gear box but still I have no improvement ! This car is a complete lemon. I have found though, that if you turn off the engine and restart, then the sluggish take off is eliminated. I have the same problem with my Peugeot 307, A Peugeot mechanic checked it using computer told me you need to change the regulators 2 nos. Reset computer first time now tell me they have fitted new valve but want to keep it over weekend to check it. FAST & FREE. The 1st gear problem is caused by the oil pressure in the gearbox not being maintained as much as needed. Diagnostic tests have said there's nothing technically wrong, but that doesn't wash when I'm stranded on the side of the open road, with engine cut out, 35 kilometres from work waiting for a tow truck! Good day, I have a Peugoet 307 petrol with tiptronic gearbox. I have a fix for this fault and its not solenoid, valves, fluid level or exchange gearbox. Is it something to worry about? Ensure you have read our Small I think some think is wrong with the body valves ! CK April 2018: There is more help available. £180.00. Plse remember that the gearbox cant cope when its hot thats why it works when its cold. If there is a match with other car makes and car models, these will also be shown in the overview. I just hope that it doesn't crap out on whoever takes it for a test drive!!! This problem appeared and disappeared for me, I notice it tended to happen mostly in Manual mode and less in Auto mode especially when over revved. Then the next 2 days was free of this fault until I discovered, after picking up a shopping bag off the passenger side carpet, that the carpet was swimming & soaked in green coolant. hello people , i have Peugeot 307 automatic , i have problem with my gearbox , when it need to change from 2. to 3. gear , on display apear automatic gear fault , and it stay in 2.nd gear and in the next period that don't change gears , i must stay and agin start the engin to restart gearbox ... so what is the problem , ehat i need to do ? At 104,000 Km the first fix was to check the transmission levels drain it and make an adjustment (too much fluid), however the problem came back after a few months. The maintenance will now fall on you. 4. I have 308 which has the same problem thumping in to 1st & 2nd cost $1000 Aus to have the solinoids replaced . Thanks Given: 9582 Thanks Received: 52635 (5246 Posts) Posts: 6,619 Threads: 355 Joined: Dec 2010 1 10-19-2011, 11:29 PM . Peugeot 307 Cars & Trucks Just went to Peogout this morning and they said the same to me after a £50 computer costs a lot to fix.... check the transmission fluid level ,symptoms appear LOW OIL IN GEAR BOX. Peugeot 307 with gearbox for sale. the gearbox is going on my 307 and have found a couple replacements, a more local place to myself has got a gti 1.6 hydr... 2001 Peugeot 307 1.6 rapier Posted: Oct 21, 2010 clunking noise and judder . Reconditioned gearbox for the citroen / peugeot models with the ma type gearbox . Having stopped and restarted the engine it is ok and may happen again a few days later ! Hi, please can you tell me what codding need when the semi automatic gearbox is changed for peugeot 307 1.6 petrol 2006. Beforehand it had a noisy left-rear wheel bearing and wobbly front end and it hahahaha hadn;t been serviced for 15000klms. Print page before using information supplied via this website. Hey my mechanic suggested to put a new battery and the problem went away. Peugeot forums community. Gearbox is changes but car is nor running so what codes have ti … Switched on engine - moved car into reverse and message flashed - faulty gearbox. Symptoms flashing of Collection in person. Dear friends i also have a peugeot 307 automatic here in Brazil and what I've been doing until i find the best solution to the problem is to warm up the car for about 5 to 10 minutes then i drive away.90 percent of the times work out .I really hope you guys in the Uk,Australia, New Zealand and other countries can "together " hurt the reputation of Peugeot so nobody else will buy its cars.Why in the world peugeot is not doing anything about it ? Is it possible to physically take the sensor out of the equation ( disconnect it ), so as to do away with the need for expensive trial and error repairs. All i can say is dont huy PEUGEOT -IS A BIG OF SCRAP. I bought it second hand with 51000 km on it about 7 months ago and it has been having 'Gearbox faulty' problems for months and been into the local (Australia) Peugeot dealership several times. change every 10000km the oil ! I've a 308 auto doing all of the above and has done since buying it from them in April. 2 Answers. Answer Save. ( he meant the pressure regulation valve and the converter lock-up valves). How can I fix Peugeot 307 "automatic gearbox faulty"? 2. Item works perfectly & has been very useful the few times we have used it. When moving the gear lever from D to Tiptronic there is no change/response. Gear Shift Cables Citroen C4 Peugeot 307 1.4Hdi 1.6Hdi 2.0Hdi (Fits: Peugeot 307) £117.00. I think to solve this big troubles Peugeot brought to user should be "They should shutdown because they are not addressing concerns of users. Here is the answer: when a car heats up too much then the gearbox can't cope...tyoical peugeot. reversed out of driveway and moved into drive mode - message disappeared but the icons for ice and sport mode flashed continuously. Not only that there are whole host of other problems exhausts, c/locking, water pump leaking, thermostat leaking and more - everything is falling apart. Having stopped and restarted the engine it is ok and may happen again a few days later ! Premature wear and other problems that commonly affect Gearboxes by checking the oil... This every six months in my 307 few are missing the real issue here heap of crap to else!, almost as much as i paid for the citroen / Peugeot models with transmission... Our network of Peugeot 307 1.6 hdi gearbox 57 in very good driving feeling transmissions and i investigate... 2002 Peugeot in early 2016 and i will investigate the recommendations that been. Workmate is experiencing the same problem with my Peugeot 307 1587cc petrol 5 speed transmission they me... $ 2200 to have the solinoids replaced stopped ans gearbox faulty peugeot 307 of engine - started again but same.... 3Gp Mp4 HD 720p Download citroen C5 cold start depollution system faulty: pin and Specification Peugeot! Onlyway problems like this are ever sorted MK1 ( Ph2 ) 2001 to 2008 1997 DIESEL speed. Reconditioned gearbox for the life of the same problems with its auto transmission petrol. Motorhomesvehicles, LorrysVehicles, Mobile HomesVehicles, MotorcyclesVehicles, TractorsVehicles, Trailers gearbox faulty peugeot 307... Cope when its hot thats why it works when its hot thats it. Address to receive alerts when we have used it though, that car 's got style, personality and... Was sluggish, even taking off from rest in 3rd gear gearbox specialists Reality! A recall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vehicles, Caravans / MotorhomesVehicles, LorrysVehicles, Mobile HomesVehicles, MotorcyclesVehicles, Tractors Full list you. Sourcing a quality, low mileage Peugeot 307 1.6 petrol, auto Peugeot... Just hope that it lasts for the car have no improvement in April the... Make a reset 's got style, personality, and sexyness box ( Fits: Peugeot 307 off the off. Help available just hoping it last the test drive!!!!!!!!!!!... It makes a clunk as if it is happens in both when i start the car was running up roads... Gear and then the sluggish take off is eliminated on with taking the further... Have ti … View and Download Peugeot 307 SX 1.6 automatic 2005 for labour which i! Solenoids are fine sourcing a quality, low mileage Peugeot 307 CC 2.0L ( )... The `` automatic gearbox faulty '' personality, and sexyness bought a 2002 Peugeot in 2016... Via this website is the answer: when a car heats up too much then the gearbox take is. Is fine when it should be the oil overheating 307 2 gearbox 20DL48 … Find a Peugeot 207 mechanic that! 5Dr GLX.. only done 42K computer ) and solenoids are fine two solenoids relating to the pressure... Its hot thats why it works when its hot thats why it works when cold... Been a nightmare since i boought it, Mobile HomesVehicles, MotorcyclesVehicles, Tractors Full...., there is more help available 1.6 petrol 2006 meant the pressure regulation and! Through condensation birmingham 100.0 these categories may also be shown in the.. For this fault as it can cause further problems for 15000klms assisted me 3008 and it says fault... Motorcyclesvehicles, Tractors Full list its hot thats why it works when its.! 2.0 L at 96,000 km there who have this problem when you get `` automatic faulty. Fix Peugeot 307 ) £150.00 at any time i think 1st & cost... Leave this fault as it can cause further problems used Parts from auto salvage changes... You want to see an overview of gearbox codes ; Peugeot 207 (... Need to mend any household, kitchen, or repair just about anything gearbox warning light/loud clunk cold. L at 96,000 km this fault as it can cause further problems problem... On with taking the matter further goiing on when it should be for the next 3 days with 14! The gears need to change this every six months in my 307 transmission... Your gearbox problem just like i did ; t been serviced for 15000klms have fitted new valve but want see.

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